Our Process

cedar shake roof repair chicago STEP 1: Shake Replacement

After a thorough roof inspection, special care is taken to replace damaged shakes without disrupting adjacent roof areas.

cedar roof edgingSTEP 5: Roof Edging

Since much of the decay occurs in the butt end region of the shakes, special attention is given to saturate the exposed shake ends, as this is the area which is most susceptible to moss and moisture attack.

securing cedar shinglesSTEP 2: Securing Loose Materials
Any loose or protruding nails will be secured.
before and after cedar roof cleaningSTEP 6: Pro-Spray™ Penetration

With consideration to the pitch and condition of your roof, the proper spray tip will be selected for maximum material penetration.

cedar shake preservation chicagoSTEP 3: Home & Landscape Protection

We take great care to protect your home and landscaping during the application.

skylight flashing and caulking repairSTEP 7: Caulking the Flashing and Skylights

We perform an inspection on all skylights and flashing and re-caulk where needed.

cedar roof cleaningSTEP 4: Roof Cleaning

If necessary, your entire roof surface will be cleaned using power blowers to remove any loose debris. Also, any moss will be removed with our exclusive Moss Loss™ removal system.

cedar shake preservation chicagoSTEP 8: Clean Up

Your yard and walkways will be cleaned of any loose roof debris as the final step in American Roof Preservers restoration process.